Managing suppliers

Basware Supplier Management is a solution that helps you maintain supplier information centrally in Basware Network. The service is designed to work alongside your organization's ERP supplier master database which can be integrated into Supplier Management through an API.

You can invite your suppliers to maintain their company information and upload necessary documentation to the service. Customizable data forms help make sure you have compliant supplier registration forms. Once your suppliers have submitted the data form, their details are viewable in Supplier Management. You will also receive an email notification about new submissions or updates to supplier data.

Supplier Management has an external data service provider connection that helps improve the supplier master data. The service is connected to an external company data provider, Dun & Bradstreet, to collect up-to-date supplier information and to enrich your supplier master data. The feature includes automatic data monitoring. You can export the data submitted by your suppliers and the data provided by Basware's data partner at any time.

The service has a supplier creation and approval feature, so that employees from your organization can request new suppliers to be added to your supplier network. With fully configurable approval workflows, you can customize the tool to follow your internal process requirements. Each workflow is linked to a supplier category and can have its own reviewer and approver roles. You can also import suppliers from your ERP solution through the Supplier Management API.

Supplier Management's standardized online workflow reduces your internal workload and improves the audit trail. The service reduces dispute management issues, such as duplicate and inaccurate supplier data in your organization. Using supplier information management services in Basware Network is a natural starting point for suppliers in cloud-based business to exchange data with their customers. Consistent and up-to-date supplier information ensures better visibility to your supplier base and improves invoice automation and matching processes.