Managing your network

On the Network page, you can manage information related to your customers and suppliers, share information with your business partners, create campaigns to invite your business partners to use Basware Network, and collect helpful statistics about your campaigns. You can access the functionalities of the Network page by opening the different tabs:
On the Overview tab, you can see an overview of your customers and suppliers. You can see, for example, how many of your customers or suppliers can send or receive invoices, how many of them have recently updated their company profile, and which Basware services they use.
On the Customers tab, you can manage your network of customers. If you want to import your customers’ details into Basware Network, you can download and fill out a customer list template and import their details using the import tool.
On the Vendors tab, you can manage your network of suppliers and share information with them.
On the Campaigns tab, you can create and manage campaigns and download statistics about the campaign participants. You can view the statuses of all your campaigns, restart expired campaigns, or schedule campaigns to start in the future.
Business Directory
On the Business Directory tab, you can view and search for companies that have a public profile in Basware Network.
The Business Directory tab is visible only to users with Company Administrator credentials.