Contacting your business partner

The optional Collaborate tool lets you contact your business partner directly through the service if you have any comments or questions related to your business documents.

If both you and your business partner have activated the free collaboration tool, all business documents that you exchange have a Discuss this Document panel. Through this panel, you can send messages related to this particular business document to your business partner. Once you have sent your message, the service instantly notifies your business partner that they have received a message. You, too, receive an email notification from the service once your business partner replies to your message.

Figure 1. Discussion panel

Each discussion is linked to the business document it was started from, and stored in the service. The discussions remain available to you for as long as you use the service. There is no need to archive the discussions separately.

Each discussion is presented as a discussion box in the discussion panel. Clicking on a discussion box opens the full discussion view, and shows you all the messages in the discussion. If there is a large number of discussions related to a single invoice, you can open the discussion panel to a full screen view. This makes it easier to read through all the discussions.