Create information request templates

Use information request templates to define what type of information your company needs from its suppliers. You can have two types of templates:
  1. Information template. There can be many information templates.
  2. Approval template. There can be only one approval template. The template is used in supplier proposals.

For supplier onboarding, you can create several templates for example to comply to each regional requirement. A predefined user can be added to the template receiving email notification when suppliers are onboarded. The notification email includes a list of previous day's onboarded suppliers and a direct link to each supplier record.

  1. As a Company Administrator, click Services.
  2. Under Vendor Information Management, click Vendor Manager.
  3. Click Vendor information request templates to expand the section.
  4. Click to create a new information request template.
  5. In the Template name field, add a name for the new template.
  6. In the Description field, add a description for the template.
  7. Select the I want to be notified via email about all changes from vendors check box to receive a notification every time one of your suppliers updates their company information.
  8. In the company information sections, select the fields that you want your suppliers to fill in.
    You can define fields as both optional and mandatory depending on your needs.
  9. Under Company details or Documents, click Add custom field to add custom fields to the template.
    You must define custom fields in the Service settings before you can add them on the information request template.
  10. Under Banking details, select if the banking details are optional or mandatory for your suppliers to fill in.
  11. Click Save.