Using supplier data enrichment service by Dun & Bradstreet

The supplier data enrichment service by Dun & Bradstreet is an optional service that checks and enriches your suppliers' data based on the information found in the global Dun & Bradstreet company registry. If the service has been activated for your company, it provides an additional way of making sure that the supplier data is up to date.

When the service is activated, a new column D&B Status appears in the Vendors list. You can view the statuses that are logged in Table 3.

In the matching stage, the imported supplier data is compared against companies in the Dun & Bradstreet database. If a match is found, the supplier information is enriched with additional company fields. If there is no additional data available, the status remains Matched. The enrichment phase adds predefined fields to the data set and returns the record back to Basware Network. You cannot define which fields the service enriches because the fields are predefined by the service. The third stage, monitoring, ensures that you get automatic updates to Supplier Management if any of the fields provided in the enrichment stage are changed in the Dun & Bradstreet database.

Data Matching

It is necessary to import sufficient supplier data to ensure the highest company recognition rate in the Dun & Bradstreet service. A national business ID, for example as trade registry number, VAT ID, or TIN, gives the highest matching accuracy. If the suppliers' business ID is unknown, it is recommended to include supplier company name, address, and postal code to the supplier record to ensure accurate matching result. Supplier's telephone number is also useful as an additional matching criterion.

The supplier data enrichment service returns a confidence code value (range 1-10) and shows the matching accuracy per supplier record. Basware will only return match results with confidence code 8 or higher.

Data Enrichment

For the matched suppliers with higher confidence code than 8, the service will automatically run the enrichment query. Main field categories are the DUNS Number, company name and address information, industry codes, annual sales revenue, and telephone number.

Data Monitoring

For all the suppliers that are matched, the data is automatically updated by the Dun & Bradstreet service. Updated information is continuously imported to Supplier Management and available also in the export file or API.

Duplicate Detection

After the enrichment, Supplier Management automatically detects possible duplicate suppliers based on the DUNS number. Duplicates are shown on the Duplicate view page with company codes and ERP IDs. You can further analyze the identified duplicates.