Basware Network verifies that the invoice content against local and international regulations in some countries. You can send the invoice only if the invoice content passes this verification.

Basware does not, however, guarantee the legality of invoices sent through Basware Network. It is the invoice sender’s responsibility to ensure that the invoice complies with relevant legislation.

Different buyers may require a different number of fields on their invoices. If your buyer does not require all of the fields described below, some of the fields may be hidden from the Invoice view. Some buyers may also require that you fill in custom fields not listed here.

Similarly, some buyers may enforce various validation rules on certain invoices fields. They may, for example, limit you from setting the invoice date too many days in the past, or place limitations on how many characters you may enter in certain fields.

Table 1. Invoice Header
Field name Description Notes
Invoice Date The date on which the invoice was issued 06/15/2015
Due Date The date on which the invoice must be paid 07/15/2015
Invoice Number A unique identification number of the invoice

Invoice number can contain letters, numbers, and special characters.

Payment Reference Reference number of the payment
eInvoicing Address The recipient’s e-invoicing address The recipient’s e-invoicing address is a unique identifier that Basware Network uses to identify the correct recipient.
This field will show only after you have selected a recipient. If the service has filled in this field automatically, do not edit the value.
Sales Tax Number Your organization’s sales tax number 1234567890
Supplier’s Reference Number Reference number of the invoice that the supplier provides 1138
Purchase Order Number Number of the purchase order that this invoice is based on 5553226
Delivery Date Date on which the invoiced goods will be delivered 06/17/2015
Supplier’s Contact Person Contact person on the supplier’s side that the customer can contact John Q. Contact
Recipient’s Contact Person Contact person on the recipient’s side that the supplier can contact Jane Q. Contact
Recipient’s Email Address Email address of the company that receives this invoice Acme Buyers Inc.
Contract Number Number of the contract between the supplier and the customer 80085
Buyer Reference Indentification number that the customer has provided 715517
Payment Terms Conditions related to the payment of the ordered goods Net 30
Currency Drop-down list. Lets you select the currency used on the invoice. USD
Exchange Rate If the currency code is different from the sender’s local currency (for example, if a supplier from the United Kingdom issues an invoice in EUR), the exchange rate field is shown. In this case, it is a mandatory field that the sender must fill in. When a value is filled in, Basware Network calculates all sales tax amounts also in the local currency. 1.23
Comment The supplier can add a message to the buyer in this field.
Shipment Number Identification number of the shipment BG123321123321
Payment Penalty Rate Rate at which the customer is charged if the invoice is not paid in time 10% per annum
Tax Information Text field that can be used to provide details about sales taxes related to this invoice
Advance Payment Terms Conditions related to the advance payment of the ordered goods 1% 10 Net 30
Freight The charge for transporting the ordered goods $22.50
Handling Fee The cost of packaging and mailing an order $12.50

Table 2. Invoice Line Items
Field name Description Notes
Name Name of the invoiced item Widget
Quantity Quantity defines the number of items that have been invoiced 20
Unit Price Unit price defines how much one invoiced item costs $4.99
Net Total Total price of the invoiced items before tax $98.30
Line Type Line type
Line types that are visible on an invoice depend on the capabilities of the recipient you have selected.
Purchase Order Number Number of the purchase order that this invoice line is related to 5553226
Order Line ID The identification number of the order line on which this item was ordered LN1
Product Code Product code of the invoiced item 235765676
Unit of Measure Unit of measure defines the units in which the invoiced items are measured. Bundle
Sales Tax % Sales tax percentage of this item 6.68%
Description Description of the invoiced item Green Acme Brand Widget
Discount % Discount percentage of this item 1.5%
Discount Amount The amount of discount in the selected currency. Updated automatically based on the quantity, unit price, and discount percentage. 1.5
The main line types on an invoice are Material and Service lines, which are divided into subtypes according to the type of goods.The available line types are:
  • Material
    • Material invoiced by quantity (Contractual)
    • Material invoiced by amount
  • Service
    • Service invoiced by quantity
    • Service invoiced by quantity (Contractual)
    • Service invoiced by amount
  • Unplanned budget
Table 3. Language-based decimal separators
Language Decimal separator
Arabic . (dot)
Czech , (comma)
Danish , (comma)
Dutch (all variants) , (comma)
English (all variants) . (dot)
Finnish , (comma)
French (all variants) , (comma)
German , (comma)
Greek , (comma)
Hungarian , (comma)
Italian , (comma)
Norwegian , (comma)
Polish , (comma)
Portuguese , (comma)
Spanish , (comma)
Swedish , (comma)