Approve new supplier proposals

Each new supplier proposal that you receive appears on the My Tasks view on the Dashboard page. From there, you can approve each proposal.

As an approver, you cannot edit the proposal. You can reject the proposal with a comment. The rejection is final and the proposal cannot be edited or sent to flow again.

  1. Under Vendors await your approval, click Approve vendors.
  2. On the list of suppliers shown on the My Vendors page, choose the supplier that you want to approve, and click Approve.
  3. Go through the supplier's information.
  4. Click Approve to approve the supplier proposal, or Reject if you want to reject this proposal. If some information is missing or not clear enough, click Back to Review to move the proposal back to review.

    If you reject the proposal, the service sends an email to the creator of the proposal and informs them that the proposal has been rejected in the approval stage.