Set campaign parameters

  1. In the Campaign name field, enter a name for the campaign.
  2. Set the start and end dates for the campaign:
    1. Click the Start date field to set a start date for the campaign.
    2. In the Start time drop-down list, select the start time of the campaign.
    3. Click the End date field to set an end date for the campaign.
  3. Select I want to use my own landing page.
  4. In the URL of the landing page field, enter the URL of the landing page.
  5. Click Validate to make sure the URL is correct.

    When you use a landing page you have setup yourself, make sure that the landing page directs the users to Otherwise, the users you invite will not be able to reach the Basware service selection page.

  6. Under Select invitation methods, select No email. I will contact the supplier myself.
  7. In the text field, define the URL that you want to use for the campaign.
    The full URL follows the format:<specified URL>. For example,
  8. From the Language drop-down list, select the language you will use in the invitation.
  9. Click Next to review the campaign details.