Create a supplier proposal

If you want a new supplier to be added to your company’s network, you can create a supplier proposal. If the supplier proposal is approved by your company’s approvers, the company you propose will be added to your company’s network.

  1. Click Network.
  2. On the panel on the right, under Create new vendor request, click Create vendor.
  3. On the New vendor request page, type the name of the supplier that you want to propose in the search field, and click .
    This step makes sure that the supplier does not yet exist in Supplier Management.
  4. Click Create new vendor.
  5. Fill in the supplier's details.
    Check the supplier details from the approval template you have created.
  6. Select the category that the supplier belongs to.
    The category defines the reviewers and approvers that the proposal is sent to.
  7. Click Send to review.
You can view the status of the supplier proposal on the My Vendors page.