Configure supplier notifications for documents to be expired

Each document can have an annual expiration date. The buyer user has an option to allow the supplier to select an expiration date, or the buyer can set up a date themselves. After the expiration date has passed, the document is marked as expired and the supplier's data list status is changed to Incomplete.

Documents that are uploaded annually are for example tax forms, insurance documents, and certificates.

  1. As a Company Administrator, click Services.
  2. Under Vendor Information Management, click Vendor Manager.
  3. On the Vendor notifications row, click .
  4. To enable notifications, select the Notify vendors for expired documents check box.
  5. Define how many days before the expiration date the service sends a notification to the suppliers.
  6. To send weekly reminders after the expiration date, select the Send weekly reminders after the expiry date, until the documents have been updated. check box.
  7. Click Save.