Convert an invoice into a credit note

You can convert an invoice you have created into a credit note. This way you do not have to fill in all the fields of the credit note yourself, but the service fills in a number of the fields based on the original invoice.
  1. On the Documents page, locate the invoice that you want to convert into a credit note.
  2. Click the invoice to open the invoice page.
  3. Click Convert To Credit Memo.
    The service creates a credit note based on the invoice details.
  4. Fill in the credit note details.
    Mandatory fields are marked with a blue background.
    Make sure that the Invoice Reference field contains the number of the invoice that this credit note refers to.
  5. Edit the Line Data information so that the lines contain the products and services that you want to reimburse.
  6. Add attachments to the credit note.
    If you need to add attachments to the credit note, you can add them through the Files tab.
    1. Click Files to open the Files tab.
    2. Click the highlighted text to browse for attachments, or drag and drop files directly on the highlighted text to attach them to the document.
  7. Click Send Credit Memo to send the credit note to your customer.
    You can also click Save Draft to save the credit note draft for later use.
Basware Network does not store the invoice data indefinitely. Remember to download a copy of the document image through the Files tab and store it locally.