Business document statuses

You can follow up on your business documents' statuses in Basware Network. The following list explains what the different statuses mean and what you can do if one of your business documents has been rejected or cannot be delivered.
Table 1. Statuses and their explanations
DraftBusiness documents that you have not sent yet.
Ready for DeliveryBusiness documents that you have sent, but that have not yet been forwarded to delivery.
Delivery in ProgressBusiness documents that are currently being delivered to the recipient.
Delivered to RecipientBusiness documents that have been delivered to the intended recipient.
ReceivedBusiness documents that the recipient has opened.
Rejected during Delivery

Business documents that have been rejected during the delivery process.

Usually, this means that Basware Network has forwarded your document to your business partner's e-invoicing operator, but their system has rejected the document. If your document gets rejected, make sure that the contents of the document are valid, and try sending the document again. If the problem persists, contact Basware Support.

Delivery Delayed

Business documents that Basware Network could not deliver to the intended recipient.

Often, this message is caused by a temporary delivery failure. If, however, your document remains in this status for over 24 hours, contact Basware Support.