Find a document

When you log in to Basware Network, you see a list of all the business documents that your company has received, and that you have sent to your business partners. If you are looking for a specific document, you can use search to limit the number of search results.

When you log in to Basware Network, by default, you can see the business documents that you have sent and received in the last 30 days. To see all your business documents, close the Date Range pane at the top of the Search Results table.
  1. Enter the business document number in the Search field.
  2. Click Search.
    The business documents that match your query are displayed in the Search Results table. For information on how to refine your search, see Find a document using advanced search.
  3. To sort the results, click the Sort labels:
  4. To view a business document, click the title of the business document in the Search Results table. The Business document page opens.
    The service notifies you, typically within 7 to 14 days, if you have forgotten to open an invoice that you have received from your business partner.